Badminton (Men) Tournament
Bhopal District Badminton (Men) Tournament session 2014-15 at Vivekanand Auditorium on 28th Oct. 2014
Handball Tournament
BU Intercollegiate Handball Tournament session 2014-15 at VNS Ground on 18th Oct. 2014
Teaching Aid Competition
Teaching Aid Competition was organised for B.Ed. students on 25th Sept. 2014
Hindi Diwas
Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 13 Sep. 2014. A Speech competition was organised
Teacher's Day
Teacher's Day was celebrated on 5th Sept. 2014 by students with great enthusiasm
B.Ed. Fresher's Day
B.Ed. Fresher's Day celebration on 24th April 2014
Faculty of Education
S. No. Name Designation Qualification BU Notification No. & Date
1 Dr. Rajesh Tripathi Principal BPE, M.P.E. , TCC Yoga, PG Dip. In HRD , Ph.D. 1209/Acad/2001 dt. 06/12/2001
2 Mrs Neelesh Dubey Asst. Prof. B.Ed.,M.Ed.,M.PhilPh. D. Pursuing 1894/Acad/2003 dt. 15/07/2003
3 Mrs Rashmi Shrivastava Asst. Prof. B.Ed.,M.Ed., NET, Ph. D. Pursuing 0731/Acad/2012 dt. 07/05/2012
4 Mrs Rashmi Upadhayay Asst. Prof. BA, MA (Pol. Sci.), CIG (IGNOU), Ph. D. Pursuing 0731/Acad/2012 dt. 07/05/2012
5 Mrs Anshupriya Awasthi Asst. Prof. Ph.D.(Edu) Pursuing M.Sc.(Applied Botany), M.Ed., B.Ed 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
6 Ms. Sarita Sharma Asst. Prof. M.Ed.,B.Ed ,M.A Public Ad.,B.A 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
7 Mr.Brahma Nand Mishra Asst. Prof. M.A.( Geo) M.Ed. NET in Edu 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
8 Ms.Neeti Bidua Asst. Prof. M.A.Hindi, M.Ed., PGDCA 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
9 Mr.Jhumuk Das Manikpuri Asst. Prof. (Fine Arts) M.F.A, B.F.A 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
10 Dr.Varsha Gontiya Asst. Prof. (Music) Ph.D.Music M.A.Music, B.A 2497/Acad/2016 dt. 24/08/2016
11 Mr.Brijendra Sahu Asst. Prof. (Music) P.G. Music, Light Music Diploma Certificate course in Theatre & Stage  
12 Mr. Yogendra Kumar Singh Asst. Prof. M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed, M.Ed., NET (Edu) 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
13 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Asst. Prof. B. Sc., M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed. 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
14 Ms. Manisha Kothar Asst. Prof. B. Sc. (BIO), M. Sc (Zoology), B.Ed., M.Ed. 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
15 Mr. Sanjay Kushwah Asst. Prof. B. Sc. (Com. Sci), M. Sc (CS), B.Ed., M.Ed.,DCA- B Grade 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
16 Mr. Neeraj Kumar Tiwari Asst. Prof. M.Sc. (Bot.), B.Ed. M.Ed 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
17 Mr. Neelesh Mishra Asst. Prof. (Health & Physical Education) B.P.E., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed 3347/Acad/2016 dt. 22/12/2016
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