VNS College of Nursing

VNS college of Nursing, Bhopal

The VNS College of Nursing offers B.Sc Nursing and GNM programs designed to prepare students for professional nursing practice. The curriculum emphasizes patient care, clinical skills, and healthcare management.

  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Director (Administration), VNS College of Nursing

    It gives me immense pleasure to pen these few lines for the VNS college of Nursing. Nursing is a noble profession & it’s an honor to belong to this fraternity which is dedicated to the service of mankind.

                • The most important goal of nursing education is to prepare the students to meet the demands of times. Our endeavor is to encourage every student to realize their true mettle by adopting a humanistic approach towards learning. Hence, nurturing self-esteem is the prime element to enhance improved performance. One who thinks mentally to win has already crossed the hurdle & emerges as a true winner. I wish every student to be a winner.

                • I thank each & every staff and student for their contribution for College. I wish the college great success in future & hope that the college achieves great heights in future.

  • Prof. Rajesh Keskar Principal,Nursing
    Nursing is an art and science, the embodiment of caring for individuals, families, and communities. It consists of a unique, integrated body of knowledge and requires critical thinking, information management, and problem-solving skills. Nurses provide comprehensive, individualized care to promote optimal health, based on best current evidence. Nurses are leaders and collaborative members of the healthcare team who advocate for processes and systems to support safe, quality care. Nursing requires commitment and responsibility to the profession, society, and the global community.