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Pharmacy education emphasizes on practical knowledge that supports the curriculum. To cater to this need, we have developed ten laboratories for various subjects of pharmaceutical sciences. To simulate industrial environment, laboratories are well equipped with technologically advanced equipment and sufficient glassware. Gas, water and electricity connections are provided at each workstation to ensure productive working environment with strong emphasis on safety of everyone.


M.Pharmacy / Ph.D. B.Pharmacy
M.Pharm Common Laboratory Pharmaceutical Dispensing Laboratory
Pharmaceutics laboratory (Advanced) Pharmaceutical Formulation Laboratory
Pharmacognosy laboratory (Advanced) Microbiology Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory Pharmaceutical Chemistry I Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry II Laboratory
Product Development Lab Pharmacognosy Laboratory
Biotechnology Lab Pharmacology, Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Advanced) Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
Animal House Pilot Plant
Pharmacology (Advanced) Computer Laboratory
Instrumental Laboratory  
Research Project Laboratory  
Bonded Alcohol Section  

Instrument Centre

The instrument centre is the heart of pharmacy education system. The instrument centre is fully equipped with modern instruments as per the regulation of Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) New Delhi; All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and University syllabus

  • Lyophilizer
  • Particle Size Analyser
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Rotary Flash evaporator
  • Auto analyser
  • Advance Disintegration apparatus
  • Multi Bucket Dissolution apparatus
  • Cooling High speed Centrifuge
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • HPLC

Pilot Plant

To provide first hand information of pharmaceutical equipments and machineries used for manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage form, the institute has developed a pilot plant with all the equipments used in the manufacturing unit.

  • Multi-station Tableting machine
  • Capsule filling machine
  • Tablet coating machine
  • High speed blenderr
  • Dryers
  • Tube sealing machine

Balance Room

Analytical balances are essential for practical education. Each student is provided with a separate balance in each practical batch.


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